Finally, your Internet can multi-task as well as you can

What we deliver

All you want from the Internet is fast as fast gets, and reliable as reliable can be. Axia provides the highest performing, most robust Internet power you’ll likely ever need.

  • The fiber advantage

    Future-proof technology

    You’ll never have to install another Internet line again. Axia Internet is designed for emerging technologies.

  • Infrastructure

    Constant connectivity

    Rural Massachusetts Internet now has better-than-urban reliability. Axia delivers the most dependable fiber optic Internet available anywhere.

  • Ultimate Experience

    Maximum performance

    You get all the speed you pay for. No outages due to weather, no delays, symmetrical upload and download speeds. The best Internet experience, all the time.

HD Streaming

Indulge in the best video experience, every time.

Video Chat

Catch up with loved ones face-to-face, in real time.

Photo and Video Sharing

Upload as many photos as you like in seconds.

Multi-player Gaming

Enjoy a lag-free experience for all your online games.

Multiple Users and Devices

No more lag when your whole household gets busy online.

Faster Downloads

Blink and you’ll miss it. Files arrive that fast.

Cloud Computing

You’ll love the huge cost savings when you use the cloud.

Increase Security

Easily add HD cameras or security services for protection.

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Internet that's faster, stronger, and way more fun. Guaranteed.

Finally, enough speed and power to satisfy your family - or your customers.

  • 100x

    faster movie downloads
  • 1000x

    faster photo sharing
  • Unlimited