• 1. What is included in the installation?

    Axia physically brings the fibre line to your home or business and installs a specific device (ONT) to transform the fibre optical signal into a ‘language’ your computer and devices understand. Think of it as an instant bridge between our super-fast fibre optic network and your Internet experience. Axia is future-proof – now ready for new technology demands, you will never have to install another Internet line.

  • 2. What does Mbps mean?

    Mbps stands for megabits per second. It measures the volume of data transfer rate.

  • 3. Is there technical support?

    Yes! 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, contact the Technical Support Team at 1 (844) 276 2888, or send an email to help@axia.com.

  • 4. How does the fibre get to my house?

    We bring the line from our extensive network right up to your house, either in a trench or on a pole, and then we install a converter box in your utility room. The converter changes the signal from pulses of light to the electrical impulses a computer uses.

  • 5. Does Axia give me cable TV?

    While Axia does not offer customers a traditional TV package, your fibre connection opens up a world of possibilities. You can order IPTV services like VMedia for linear TV, use streaming services like Netflix, use a variety of apps on Apple TV, or whatever you choose to join the Cord Cutting trend. Visit our My World section to find out more about everything your Axia Internet connection can provide. And, if you prefer to keep your satellite TV, that’s an option, too.

  • 6. Is reliability guaranteed?

    We are confident that Axia provides the most reliable Internet possible. In fact, for business we commit to 99.9% availability and a maximum 4-hour mean time to repair in the rare event of a fibre cut.

  • 7. Where is Axia Fibre available?

    Currently, anyone in the service area in Vulcan can order Axia Fibre, and businesses in Drayton Valley and Lloydminster. We plan to arrive in many rural Alberta communities soon!

  • 8. When is Axia coming?

    Place your orders now for Vulcan, Drayton Valley, and Lloydminster, and sign up for other Alberta communities. We've also recently launch in South Hadley, Massachusetts. The more people that sign up in your town, the faster we will be there!

  • 9. Can I sign up in advance?

    You can certainly let us know that you are interested in getting the best in Internet from Axia. Just go to the Coverage Map and enter your address. That way, your voice is heard. Thank you!

  • 10. What’s the difference between residential and business service?

    The main differences between business and residential Internet are the higher Mbps packages available to satisfy large business needs, along with a proactive service management agreement. Whether at home or at your business, you will have enough. And more.

  • 11. Why do I need a webmail email address when I order?

    A webmail email address is one you can access from anywhere, no matter who provides you with Internet service. Some examples include gmail, hotmail, yahoo and iCloud. Once you sign up for Axia fibre Internet, you will no longer have access to your email address hosted by your current Internet provider. We want to be in touch, so please use a webmail email address when ordering Axia Internet.

  • 12. What will my wifi experience be?

    In order to get the best performance out of your Fibre service, it is best to physically connect to the Axia Box. The Box also provides wifi connectivity throughout your home or your business so you can move about and remain connected. When using the wireless connection, you may not experience the full capacity of your service due to inherent wireless spectrum properties.