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Delivering the ultimate Internet to the USA, one town at a time

Axia is ready to radically change your Internet experience. Stand by for unprecedented speed, reliability and access to everything the world of Internet can offer. You just have to say yes.

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  • Dial-up
  • DSL
  • Wireless
  • Fibre

Exceptional Performance

Improved digital experience

Everything just got more clear, for everyone. Immerse yourself in the best digital viewing experience with higher definition streaming across all your devices. Plus welcome extras like smart home technology, games in 3D or HD security cameras. Get better quality everything with Axia’s ultimate Internet performance.

  • Crystal Clear HD
  • Consistent Connectivity
How it works
  • Faster movies

    In the time it might be taking you to download one movie now, with Axia you could have 100.

  • Faster photo sharing

    You can upload every vacation photo you’ve ever snapped, in the same time it now takes you to share just one.

  • Bandwidth

    Get everyone together without a hitch. Skype with the whole family, wherever they are, all day long.

Everything you love, only faster

Your options are endless with Axia

New, fast and reliable fiber optic Internet is coming right to your door, bringing lightning fast downloads, live HD sports, seamless video chats and anything else you might want. And with Axia’s unlimited Internet capability, you can forget any lag time when your whole household gets busy online.

Get the best for your business

Guaranteed reliability for business owners

Axia increases your capacity for everything with outstanding reliability. The fastest Internet in the United States, buys you better productivity: upload and download large files in seconds and install the latest software in a minute. Videoconference anywhere in the world and back up to the cloud – free – instantly. Whatever you need for business Internet now, or in the future, is available today.

The power of fiber

Blazingly fast Internet

Every thread in a fiber line is smaller than a human hair, and each one carries data over enormous distances at maximum speed. It brings you more of everything, faster than ever. And because fiber resists electromagnetic disturbances and won’t be bothered by weather or geography, we can deliver the best in reliability. Your Axia fiber optic line direct to your door means way more Internet, all the time.

How it Works